Zenescope’s take on the Sword and Sorcery Genre – Sinbad #12

1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad #12 (Zenescope – Wickline / Peeples / Studio Cirque)

The City of the Dead holds many secrets and terrible dangers. Giant scorpions, skeletal warriors and other living nightmares walk its streets. . . all under the control of a being of unimaginable evil. Buried underground for thousands of years, his decaying flesh and tattered bandages a constant reminder of a bitter betrayal, the ancient Wizard Terrae Motus plans to make the world to suffer for his pain…and Sinbad and his crew are first on his list.

This is the 12th issue in Zenescope’s Sinbad series – which is a great mix of fantasy, “buddy” hijinks and epic adventure think Conan the Barbarian meets National Treasure.

From issue #1, the series’ plot has been very solid.  Sinbad and his ragtag crew of powerful yet faithful companions – they seek treasure, fight the bad guys and ev the eventually get the hot and barely-dressed fantasy chick in the end.  Going in, that’s what you expect… and that is what author Dan Wickline has delivered faithfully and masterfully.   For the true fan of the fantasy genre, this series is one of the best currently published books to get.  Re-reading the issues from over the last year or so, I can’t help but give this series my full blown recommendation.

But (and it’s a little but), the only thing that has varied is the quality and style of the art.  Now with a Zenescope books, when I say that art quality varies – that means it varies from outstanding to amazing to only very good.   Brent Peeples drew this ish and when comparing it to the regular Zene-books it’s not too hard to see that the interiors seem like they weren’t quite fully fleshed out when this went to print.  Let me make it clear, I think Peeples’ work beats the crud out of 90% of what is in the mainstream market, but I think he has more in him than what I saw here.

I don’t know, maybe I’m being over critical of him… maybe it’s because I’m having visions of Snarf and I can’t seem to get the Thundercats theme song out of my head – the visualization of the baddie here can’t be anything but a twenty first century send up to the best villain of the 80’s – Mumm-Ra!

This comes out next Weds – Plan to pick it up!!!!

Issue Grade: A-

Series Grade: A

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Updated: September 24, 2010 — 12:26 pm

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