Awakening Vol. 2 – Worth the Wait!

Awakening Vol 2 (ArchaiaTapalnsky / Eckman-Lawn / Mauer)

The truth is unavoidable: There are zombies in Park Falls and, seemingly, the rest of the world. As the situation in the city spins out of control, Detective Derrick Peters and others search for answers amid a mass exodus and murders perpetrated by monsters of a different sort. The answers await but will they lead to salvation or the end of life as we know it? Follow the conclusion of Park Falls’ harrowing year in the second volume of the critically acclaimed zombie noir series.

It’s been a while for this Awakening… but glad it’s finally here!

This 160 page volume brings together the unpublished final issues of Awakening and gives the fans closure on the everyman hero Derrick Peters.

If you were like me, you have been waiting patiently while the politics of the comic biz slowed down and eventually shut down one of the best dramas ever written in the horror genre.  The momentum of sleeper hit certainly was drained, but now with the release of the final act all at once, the fans should be raging with excitement.

The story is nothing less than gold.  And while the setting is without a question a modern-gothic-horror, the story is pure drama.  It’s not a zombie story, it’s a story about a man finding purpose… who happens to be dealing with a zombie mess :).  The construction of the characters and their inter-connections within the context of the plot is brilliantly done. The story itself creeps along, with the perfect amount of pacing to pull the reader deeper and deeper down the dark hallway until they feel they are trapped in Park Falls too! The art of the book is both haunting and addictive. Alex Eckman-Lawn sets the standard here for creating atmosphere. His frame work comes together perfectly to show the action and emotion of facing unknown monsters.

The volume itself contains tons of extras which includes pin-ups, extra interior art, script work, covers, story-enhancing documents and a short story from the author.

Bottom Line: If you consider yourself an fan of a good story… this is a must have!

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Grade: A

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Updated: September 23, 2010 — 7:42 pm

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