Updated 8/6: Who Will be the New Man Without Fear?

Oh My goodness, Marvel is grasping now

at least we are getting a few more pieces for the comic-shop poster that will be up soon!

8/5 Marvel’s newest teaser promo has Daredevil’s newest possible replacement… the Falcon! The Falcon?

I am sorry, he is a great historical character and I think he was a better Cap sidekick than Bucky, but come on… The Falcon owning Hell’s Kitchen?

Once again, The Shadowland event from Marvel is promising to have huge impact on titles for years to come! (yea, fanboys and girls, we haven’t heard that one before!)  And by the way, can someone please bury Gambit and keep him there?

So we have Nova, Gambit and post-Secret Invasion Black Panther

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Updated: August 7, 2010 — 3:00 pm

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