Thor Movie Frenzy Brings Back Thunderstrike!

There is only one reason Marvel (or DC for that matter) would bring back a 90’s only icon like Thunderstrike and that is to enhance the raw fan frenzy for an upcoming movie – in this case Thor.

According to his New York Comic Con bio, here, none other than industry legend Tom DeFalco is working on a new Thunderstrike series.

TOM DEFALCO: A former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics with over thirty books currently in print, Tom DeFalco has written comic books, graphic novels, short stories, prose novels and books like Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide and Comic Creators on Fantastic Four. He was also a major contributor to The Marvel Encyclopedia and The Marvel Chronology. DeFalco has recently worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars for Titan Comics, The Man From RIVERDALE for Archie Comics, Flash Gordon for Ardden Entertainment, The Flying Fool for Moonstone Books and, of course, The Spectacular Spider-Girl for Marvel Comics. He is currently writing a new Thunderstrike limited series with co-creator Ron Frenz.

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Updated: August 1, 2010 — 10:37 am

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