Wow….THAT is Thor!

I remember there were some skeptics (and there still are) on whether Chris Hemsworth could pull off the look of Thor.  Then we got the pictures of him in his Thor armor, and still people were saying, “that could all be padding.”  Well, take this you nay sayers!

Someone call a Vet, because those puppies are SICK!!

If you saw the first 15 minutes of J.J. Abram’s STAR TREK, then you saw that Hemsworth is bigger than your average bear, and it looks like he got a bit bigger.

As for the scene, it looks like this could be the “sword in the stone” scene where Dr. Donald Blake takes possession of the hammer.  If you stuck around for the end credits of IRON MAN II, then you know that Thor’s legendary hammer fell to Earth in New Mexico. It looks like SHIELD may have erected a complex around it.  I’m sure in their attempts to move the sucker.

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Updated: July 21, 2010 — 10:34 am

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