Green Hornet Trailer Hits the Webbernet!

The new GREEN HORNET TRAILER has premiered.

I have very mixed feelings on this film.  First you have to know that I am a bug-nuts crazy fan for all things pulp.  I love the bright lights big city setting that is nothing but a thin veil for the black heart of crime.  Furthermore, I’m a sucker for modern filim of pulp characters. I enjoyed the 1996 cheese-fest that was The Phantom and loved Alec Baldwin as The Shadow.  Are they perfect films? Heck no, but just the look and feel gets me every time.

That being said, this is not what the new GREEN HORNET is.  I’ve kept myself pretty ignorant of this films production.  I haven’t read any news that sites like AICN cover. Nor have I checked out any of the spoiler materials that have come out. I wanted to go into this project fresh, and my fanboy needs have lead to disappointment.  I’m not sure why the film makers choose a modern setting, but to me that takes away some of the fantasy and mystique that comes with GREEN HORNET.

As of right now, this film has gone from a MUST SEE on opening weekend to a I’LL GET TO IT SOMETIME on the viewing scale.

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Updated: June 22, 2010 — 9:26 am

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