Dingo TPB out this Week! Do Not Hesitate!

Dingo tpb (Boom! – Nelson / Biagini)

The writer of HEXED and FALL OF CTHULHU brings you an all-new, all-nasty graphic novel! Dingo is man trying to get back something that was taken from him. A box. The contents of which will make Dingo stop at nothing to get it back. It’s a mystery that starts in Los Angeles and takes him to Vegas and beyond. Add in a very dangerous ex-wife, the biggest dog on the planet, and dark magic and you’ve got a recipe for disaster that’s a mix of pulp and urban fantasy. Don’t miss writer Michael Alan Nelson’s critical hit!

This series had it all… supernatural action, wise-cracking protagonist, hot babe bad-guy, intriguing story, incredible writing, eye-candy art, bottleneck-suspense!  Michael Alan Nelson and Boom! hit gold with what is surely the most under-rated series of the last twelve months.  Need a late Father’s day gift?  This 120 pages for $16.99 is one the best buys you will find for the dad who loves a good story!  Comes out this Wednesday!

Grade: a Well-deserved A

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Updated: June 21, 2010 — 10:23 am

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