28 Days Changes Direction

28 Days Later #11 (Boom! – Nelson / Shavely)

In their wake lies destruction. Their fierceness knows no end. They are unstoppable. The Infected? No. A Black Ops faction that has their sights set on three travelers. The mindless masses of The Infected are one thing, but how does Selena survive an enemy as patient and cunning as her?

As we are coming up on the year anniversary of what is possibly one of the best film to comic translations ever, scribe Michael Alan Nelson changes up the direction of the series.  Right out of the gate the comic series owned the same heart-pounding, keep-looking-behind-you, sweat-covered tension that made the film series the hit it is.  But within the last few issues, Nelson has changed the action’s bearings from being between a race for your life and very survival-centric to headlong towards a military conspiracy with the zombie-riddled landscape as simply a backdrop.

It’s certainly not a bad change, in fact in the hands of a great story-teller, the switch-up not only helps avoid plot stagnation but brings more depth to the characters and setting.  And the switch wasn’t totally unexpected, the 28 Days Later book has always been more Walking Dead and less Marvel Zombies.  The art is fluid and consistently solid.

The capturing of  Selena and her crew by the mystery military operation and the almost reveal of a hidden nemesis gives the feel that we are almost at the apex of the series conflict.  Does this mean the end of the series is close behind?  I don’t know, but I hope not.

Issue Grade: B

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Updated: June 7, 2010 — 9:41 am

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