Atomic Robo v. Doctor Dinosaur, Dinoking, Lord Raptor, etc…

Atomic Robo Vol 4 #3 (Red 5 – Clevinger / Wegener / Pattison / Powell)

It’s been a long week for ATOMIC ROBO. The Vampire Dimension invaded his home. A giant mutant sea-beast chased him through Tokyo. An insane and probably not super genius velociraptor shot him out of the skies over the South Pacific and held him hostage in a cave. Now he’s being haunted by a scientifically impossible entity from his past. Meet ATOMIC ROBO’s newest nemesis: his oldest nemesis!

In volume four of the mighty Atomic Robo series, author Brian Clevinger has taken on action movie cliches.  First vampires and aliens, then giant monsters and power rangers… now, Jurassic Park!

Red 5 continues it’s reign as lord of the family friendly action story.  Robo investigates explosions on an uninhabited island only to find that it’s only resident is a half-cocked talking raptor with just enough scientific knowledge to be dangerous and the superiority complex the size of King Kong.  The banter between Atomic Robo and “Doctor Dinosaur” is worth the cover price alone.  This series has continually shown that you can have that perfect marriage of action and comedy in a comic book.

Wegener’s art also keeps hitting dead center with a style that easily displays the action at hand and gives emotion to a main character who had an unchanging face while keeping a pulp feel to the whole book.  Bravo!

I promise you, if you picked this up – you will go back and get the back issues!

Issue Grade: A+

The blurb above is directly from the Red 5 site, but I am pretty sure there was a misplacement and it was meant for ish #4.

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