Super Frat / Dick Masterson Special – exactly what it appears to be

Super Frat Dick Masterson Special (Lead Pipe Entertainment – Digerolamo / Moreno)

Based on the Super Frat webcomic; when someone cuts the head off the statue of Ryesmore University’s founder, Dean Calfinch is out to pin the blame on Lambda Sigma Rho. But the world’s first super powered fraternity will have to match wits with Dick Masterson, the world’s greatest chauvinist detective!

Honestly, for me, this one-shot issue got really long – I would equate it to a ten hour stint of South Park.  Yup, a good laugh in the first ten minutes – but after that it’s just more of the same, and tiring at that.

This is based on a web comic, which you would read a strip a day in 30-seconds or less, get a guffaw and be done, which is exactly the time-frame this the type of “potty”-humorish one-line zingers are designed for, not for 30 + pages.  I know the Super Frat strip has tons of fans, and that is the group (and perhaps the only group) this compilation was created for. Woven into the tale is Dick Masterson, real-life self proclaimed male chauvinist movement leader (he was actually appeared on Dr. Phil), which only brings the “human body part slang” count up and the intellectual humor down.

If you are someone who thinks 10 hours of South park in a row would be a good thing, then you want to pick up this very reasonably priced ($4.95) book, if you are not – then this is something you want to avoid.  This definitely has a NC-17 rating.

I do want to bring up that even though Chris Moreno and Christian Beranek were both involved with this book, if you don’t know them – don’t judge their other work by this – they are both far more talented than lesbian, pot and boob jokes.

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Updated: April 16, 2010 — 11:19 am

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