Incorruptible #5 – The Bad Guy Going Good Gets Better

Incorruptible #5 (Boom! Studios – Waid / Domingues )

The origin of Jailbait unfolds, and her story’s not at all what you think it is! Is she really a dim little slip of a girl, or does she have some sort of power over Max Daring heretofore unrevealed? A not to be missed issue of BOOM!s all-new bestselling superhero ongoing by multiple-Eisner-Award-winning KINGDOM COME and IRREDEEMABLE author Mark Waid.

It’s rare that a spin-off book is as good as the parent book.  Few even come to mind that made a decent run at it.  West Cost Avengers had its moments, and I hear Jack of Fables is good.  After five issues, we can Incorruptible in the winners column.

If you are unaware, Incorruptible is the spin-off book from Irredeemable, also from Mark Waid. We follow the story of Max Damage who was the biggest baddest villain of the Boomverse. Max decided that it was time for a change when the worlds most powerful being (we’re talking Superman level power) decided that man’s day in the sun was over.

Now Max is fighting not just super-villains, is former allies, but a opinion of a world that views him as a bad guy.  On Max’s walk of redemption is an old police detective and his underage one-time girlfriend/sidekick, who is none too happy with Max’s change of heart.

This issue Max has somehow lost his little sidekick and has dressed up a girl as a replacement.  We’re not really sure why, but we do know the entire situation can’t be good.

In issues like this we see that Mark Waid is just as good now as he was when he wrote Kingdom Come.  Actually, I think some if his best work was a nice little indy book called Quantum and Woody. Search you local shop’s quarter bins to dig these out.  Incorruptible, as with Quantum and Woody, has just the right mix of tension, humor, action, and super powered goodies.  There are some classic writers out there who need to update their style or retire, Mark Waid is not in this category.  Couple that with are by Horacio Domiguez and you have a book that you would actually want to pay $3.99 for.

Grade: B+

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Updated: April 30, 2010 — 6:39 am

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