I Wish Giant Monsters Were As Impossible As They’re Supossed To Be…

Atomic Robo Vol 4 #2 (Red 5 – Clevinger, Wegener, Pattison, Powell)

Japan, 1999. ATOMIC ROBO visits SCIENCE TEAM SUPER GO, the Tesladyne of the East. It’s a perfectly ordinary business trip where nothing incredibly stereotypical like A GIANT MONSTER ATTACK happens. Robo just does some sightseeing. That’s all. Stop thinking about GIANT MONSTER ATTACKS. That’d be silly.

There might be a new axiom as far comics go… Atomic Robo never ceases to entertain.

Writer Brian Clevinger takes Robo in a new “geeky” direction with the issue – away from the some of the favorite baddies of traditional pulp fans like nazis, dinosaurs and vampires – and toward a more manga-minded crowd.  This issue sees giant robots, bio-engineered monstrosities and a brilliant send-up to The Power Rangers.

Robo heads to Japan for a Robotics fair and looks up an  old friend, Dr. Yumeno (an assumed  send up to Kyūsaku Yumeno, the premier Japanese pulp/sci-fi writer of the early 20th century).  This old friend just happens to be the handler for the “Science Team Super Five” – basically the Power Rangers, except each member has 180+ IQ and a few doctorates to their name.  Action ensues when Yumeno’s arch-nemesis attacks after a fifteen year hiatus.

All the action, wit and intelligence is still there.  Page after page, there isn’t a single frame that I felt was a throwaway or wasted.  Now, Robo’s most recent adventures (at least as far as volumes go) seem to be much more light-hearted than where were back in Volume 1, but still vastly enjoyable and falls squarely withing the range of being family-friendly.  The art team of Wegener and Pattison once again creates a perfectly fitted environment for Robo to grip the reader’s interest and imagination.

Bottom Line: Atomic Robo… you simply cannot not love this!

This is out today! *Diamond Code*: JAN101086

Issue Grade: Big Atomic A

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