Family Friendly Buy of the Week – Double Duck!

With the economy where it’s at and your fanboy money only going so far, we want to bring to your attention some great buys that work for you and your family!

Donald Duck and Friends: Double Duck Vol #1 (Boom Kids – Vitaliano / Bosco / Freccero / D’lppolito)

Donald Duck as a secret agent? Villainous fiends beware as the world of super sleuthing and espionage will never be the same in the first part of the epic Double Duck! This is Donald Duck like you’ve never seen him, as only BOOM Kids! can deliver.

For only $9.99 this trade covers 112 pages of juicy cartoon action goodness that both speaks to the mouser generation / digital natives and also pays homage to the classic Disney story-telling.  For me, this was a perfect teaching tool to show my daughters just how fun some of my generation of Disney cartoons were (think Ducktales) and even those before.  This volume will be enjoyed by both older and younger fans everywhere! Out today!!!

Boom has once again proved that they are an excellent and worthy bearer of the Disney properties!

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Updated: April 8, 2010 — 2:23 pm

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