Brightest Day #0 – The Aftermath Begins!

Brightest Day #0 (DC – Johns / Tomasi / Pasarin )

The biggest event in comics continues as BRIGHTEST DAY burns back the BLACKEST NIGHT from the writing team behind GREEN LANTERN and GREEN LANTERN CORPS – Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi! And don’t miss the exciting DC Comics debut of red hot cover artist David Finch (New Avengers, Ultimatum)! The effects that the already classic BLACKEST NIGHT will have on the DC Universe will be felt for years to come and this issue not only sets the stage for the new ongoing biweekly DC Universe book BRIGHTEST DAY, but also the next exciting era of the DC Universe!

Now that the Blackest Night has ended, we have to have the Brightest Day! And who better to lead us through this story than Deadman…wait, what?

Geoff Johns is up to his old trick again in making Boston “Deadman” Brand a cool character. Notice how I didn’t state that he was cool again, because I can’t remember a time when Deadman was cool. Anyway, Deadman is the sole keeper of the white ring from his experience in Blackest Night, which suggests his role in this is going to be huge, it also makes sense why we’re following him as he is dragged around like George Baily from It’s a Wonderful Life. Boston get to catch up with all the resurrected characters and see how they’re living. Given how the story unfolded, it seems like this is going to be more of an anthology piece, like 52 and Countdown, than it is a team book.

Each of the character are dealing with their return in their own way, some are embracing life, some are questioning “why me and not…”, and other are acting as if they are waiting for something bad to happen.  Either way we have 26 issues, plus spin-offs and regular books, for them to work out their issues.

While Pasarin’s art is solid, it does seem like it’s very formula.  The heroes all stand in the right poses and all the bad guys have the markers of a villain. It works, but is nothing we haven’t seen before. Given what we know of DC and John’s books, I’m sure we’ll see a host of artists on this book before it’s end.

In the end, Brightest Day #0 answers no questions left over from Blackest Night, if anything else it creates more of them. Not that we should be looking for answers so soon. This is just the beginning.

Grade: B+

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:04 am

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