ZMD #6 – A Surprisingly Emotional Ending

ZMD #6 (0f 6) (Red 5 – Grevious / Youkovibch / Dalhouse)

DRAKE is horrified to learn that the zombie he’s been sent to kill is his former commanding officer, now in league with his zombified wife. His U.S. platoon must join forces with the Iranians if they are to survive the Pentagon air-strike and the zombie army.

I know this book has been out for a few weeks, just deal with it ;).

If you didn’t know, ZMD is a story about the US Military using zombies as weapons and having everything go horribly wrong.  Well, I mean… wouldn’t it have to? I mean what could go wrong using the living dead created out of a biological weapon, right?

As far as the plot goes, the series as a whole has been very shifty – in the sense of first it’s a military action / drama, then it’s a zombie comic slashfest, then it’s more of the zombie suspense… and then in issue six, it gets sentimental?  There are good ideas here, it just got a bit schizophrenic and I think didn’t have the audience it should have because it couldn’t figure out what it wanted to be.

The writing is very solid.  I mean it.  I look forward to reading more of Kevin Grevioux’s work.  But pick a theme and stick with it.  This series has had zombie soldier ripping off heads and some pretty kickin’ action  scenes… and then in this ish we have some of that plus some intended tear-jerkers.  Really, how do you say good-bye to your zombified wife?  Or your best friend and commanding officer?  While being cohesive, this story goes from 28 Weeks Later to Army of Darkness to A Few good Men in just a few pages.  Maybe it will read better as a trade?

The art is consistent throughout and pretty solid.

Issue Grade: B

Series Grade: B

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Updated: March 12, 2010 — 2:30 pm

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