Hunter’s Fortune – This Generation’s Indiana Jones!

Hunter’s Fortune #4 (0f 4) (Boom! – Cosby / Monroe / Cossin / Cossin)

At long last…Excalibur! The final showdown between Hunter and Miranda, and the exciting conclusion to this action-adventure saga, will leave you speechless! Writers Andrew Cosby (creator of EUREKA) and Caleb Monroe (THE REMNANT) pump nonstop action into the finale of this high-octane adventure!

Really Eric? Comparing this to Indy? You bet I am!  And I am talking Raiders / Last Crusade Indy… not Temple of Doom or even Crystal Skull Indy.  Hunter’s Fortune has all the intelligence, action and character quirkiness that comes with an exemplar family action story.  From the offbeat side-kick to ingenious death traps to the devious femme fatale, Hunter’s Fortune follows the Superbowl playbook for a fun adventure tale and scores big!

This being the fourth of four issues, I don’t want to have this be a spoiler for a new reader.  But I can say that Andrew Cosby and Caleb Monroe end the series as they have executed it… with enjoyment and skill.  We have a young protagonist and a mis-matched group of supporters that help Hunter carry through to his final confrontation to get Excalibur.   With a very nice set up for a second series (or possibly and hopefully) an ongoing series.  The art team of Matt  and Mike Cossin do an excellent job bringing a pulp yet not too cartoonish feel to Hunter’s Fortune.   Their synergentic use of pencils and a watercolor palate give the book a friendly feel and a natural flow for the reader.  I hope to see more of them working together soon.

The bottom line is this a great book, and even with a few vixen-esque moves by the antagonist Hunter’s Fortune falls easily within a PG and family-friendly rating.

As a dad and a geek, loved it!

Issue grade: A

Series Grade: A

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Updated: March 31, 2010 — 11:47 am

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