Green Lantern #52 – Awesome!

Green Lantern #52 (DC – Johns / Mahnke / Alamy )

BLACKEST NIGHT’S penultimate chapter is here, and you do not want to miss this issue. Trust us on this one.

Simply put, Green Lantern #52 is craziest, flashest, most ground breaking, DCU re-writing issue that has come out of DC in the past five years. The things we see and the over-the-top concepts are heaped one on top of the other, but stays constantly aware of the rich mythology it’s drawing from.  Mahnke and Alamy never fail to realize any of the mind blowing sights and conveys even the most abstract ideas in a visually compelling way.  This is the Blackest Night issue we have been waiting for.  It’s a jet fueled space adventure that has cranked the awesome meter up to eleven.  It accomplishes everything it sets out to do, which can’t be said for every issue in this series.

The opening sequence is eye-popping. We’ve seen some pretty cool thing happen in GL since Rebirth, but this may be the coolest.  I could go into detail, but that would be robbing you of the experience. Lets just say the Goeff Johns blends metaphysics, super-science, regular science, and religion all into one, and it makes sense! Even better is that Dough Mahnke is with Johns on this incredibly wild ride.  Both image and story continue to build to a two-page splash that should be a poster on every fanboy’s wall.  Any just when you think the ride is coming to an end,  Johns and Mahnke deliver a haymaker sucker punch that leaves your jaw on the floor.

The haymaker incident is not something I’m going to go into because I feel that it would, again, be robbing you of the enjoyment of this issue.  The rest of the book deals with John Stewart’s effort to keep a Black Lantern Xanshi, the planet who’s destruction he’s responsible for, from crashing into Coast City.  This piece plays out nice and is yet another chance to for Doug Mahnke to shine.

The only real downfall here is that the characters are still verbalizing their internal struggles. While this is nothing new in Blackest Night, it has gotten old.  Luck for us there is enough coolness going on to make up for it.

The hard this about writing this review is to not just go into a plot description.  Just know that there is enough hard hitting action and drama to fill a Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg movie.

Grade: A+

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Updated: March 30, 2010 — 2:39 pm

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