Edward, Shmedward! IDW says Bram Stoker is still the one to beat!

In a marketing landscape where the young-pretty types of vampires seem to rule the roost, IDW bets on the classic vampire story to bring in the readers.

San Diego, CA (March 18, 2010) – For more than one hundred years, Bram Stoker‘s iconic vampire has frightened readers around the world. Now, IDW and writer Gary Gerani (Pumpkinhead) add another layer to this horrifying tale with Bram Stoker’s Death Ship. Starting in May, the all-new four-issue series offers the untold story of the harrowing, nightmarish sea voyage from Transylvania to England.

“This book is a really creepy,” commented IDW Senior Editor, Bob Schreck. “If you love the Bram Stoker original, you’re absolutely going to love this comic book series, as both Gary and Stuart worked very hard to capture that sense of dread in the pit of your stomach and stark raving mind-shattering fear.”

Helmed by Gerani, the creator and co-screenwriter of Stan Winston‘s Pumpkinhead, this horror series takes readers on a blood-pumping journey on the Russian schooner Demeter. One by one, the terrified crewmembers vanish, victims of the unearthly lifeform that lies comatose in the ship’s hold during daylight hours. Artist Stuart Sayger brings this un-dead tale to life with gripping interior art as well as a variant cover for the first issue. Popular hardcover and paperback cover artist, Cliff Nielsen, provides all four stunning, spine-tingling painted covers for the entire series.

Bram Stoker’s Death Ship #1 (of 4, $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in May. Diamond order code MAR10 1013.

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Updated: March 19, 2010 — 6:00 pm

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