Zenescope Presents Sci-fi & Fantasy Illustrated

Zenescope Present Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustrated #1 (of 4) (Zenescope – Brusha / Sepulveda / Chua / DeBalfo / Embury / Crank!)

From the company behind some of the best horror and fantasy comics in stores today comes a brand new anthology series. Blending horror, fantasy and science fiction Zenescope Entertainment brings you a frightening view of the not so distant future with a series of incredible 48 page one-shots. When a lonely, socially awkward man named Andy Wussler purchases a cybernetic girlfriend he soon realizes that buying love can have dire consequences.

Sometimes a scary read is deeply psychological and chilling to your bone… and sometimes you are simply looking for a fun scare. What Zenescope has put together here is the first of four stand-alone self-contained stories that are exactly that… a good short story with an enjoyable scare! This is very reminiscent of Tales From the Crypt.

And not unlike that iconic series, this is not meant for your middle schooler, or possibly even your high schooler.  This story revolves around a man who buys himself a perfect mate that meets all of his requirements.  She looks exactly like what he wants, does everything he wants and obeys his every word.  Yes, you get the idea.

The twist and turns come around when he finds out that having a woman that does everything you say and doesn’t have a mind of her own isn’t quite as fulfilling in the long run as he thinks.  And how the perfectly devoted woman reacts when he tries to end the relationship. This is a well-written horror short story and the Zene-artists will give you some glorious eye-candy in this issue.

Good horror fun here, but this is a 18+ book on sexual content and violence.

Issue Grade: B+

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Updated: February 9, 2010 — 2:30 pm

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  1. Thanks for covering this title it is my first ongoing or mini pull from Zenescope.It is exactly what you reviewed it to be. I think I am moving away from traditional spandex series and moving towards anthology series like this one more and more.Demo Vol.2,Music Box,although Creepy #1 didn’t impress me a whole lot.Also Radicals FVZA and Alladin were very well done as mini’s.My thought is with Zenescope to go in the direction of their collected editions which I did with Sinbad because of the excellent production quality of their titles.Hopefully we will see more of Sci Fi soon.

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