Hunter’s Fortune is the Real Deal!

Hunter’s Fortune #3 (of 4) (Boom! – Cosby / Monroe / Cossin)

Their search for Excalibur leads Hunter and company to Italy and…the Sword In The Stone. Which isn’t Excalibur. Wait…what? The mystery deepens, the clues grow stranger…there’s also punching, kicking and things blowing up!

You know, I’m starting to think that if my subconscious puts off looking at a book, that must be a sign that it’s a really good one.  I have been sitting on issues #1 and 2 of this series and just haven’t quite got around to reading them.  Well, when I got issue 3  I figured it must be time to see if Andrew Cosby’s stories could continue to wow me (even outside the small town of Eureka).  As it turns out, with the help of writer Caleb Monroe and artist Matt Cossin, Hunter’s Fortune did well more than wow me… it amazed me!

Fortune follows Hunter Prescott, a down and out good-hearted slacker.   Hunter finds, in one fell swoop, that he has a long-lost uncle and this uncle was not only a multi-billionaire treasure hunter but that he left everything (for a reason yet to be disclosed) to his distant nephew and not his vicious vixen of an ex and her evil daughter.  Cheesy and formulated premise?  Sure.  Incredible Fun? Yes!  Worth the time and money?  Definitely!

The deceased uncle’s will sweeps Hunter and a ragtag group of adventurers (including Hunter’s surfer friend, his controller who knows more than she is letting onto and the cute librarian with a 220 IQ) into a quest in search of Excalibur.   The chase is on and Hunter’s crew races the witchy ex from clue to clue.  If you have ever enjoyed an adventure movies that wouldn’t quite meet the “reality-litmus” test (think Indiana Jones or National Treasure), you will thoroughly enjoy Hunter’s Fortune.   Great arch-typical characters and a high-energy story give this book spirit and heart.  And with only one or two ill-placed euphemisms, this is easily a PG book as far as a family-friendliness rating goes and is very high on the family-enjoyment scale. While I am more familiar with the work of Andrew Cosby than I am with Matt Cossin (script) and Caleb Monroe (artist), the collective mesh of the three of these creators in the form of Hunter’s Fortune should easily be at the top of your pull list!

Issue three out this week!

Issue Grade: family ranked A!

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Updated: February 19, 2010 — 1:36 pm

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