Drone #2 – Red 5 Presents Every Hackers Dream!

Drone #2 (of 4) (Red 5 – Chitwood / Kintz / Hendersen / Peteri)

In the near future, the U.S. transforms warfare by testing lethal remote-controlled robotic drones on the front lines. To the world’s superpowers, the technology is something to be coveted and stolen. To a group of state-side fun-loving hackers, it is the ultimate video game. As featured in FCBD 2009.

This is perhaps an unrealistic but still very cool premise practically begging to be made into a mini-series or movie starring Seth Green – hackers that make it into a government remote site to control a military super robot, take on the terrorist baddies and get the hot military intelligence girl.  While it’s not deep or contemplative… it is fun, overflowing with geek-action and all around rocking like two fat guys in a canoe!

This second issue penned by Scott Chitwood (Afterburn) has the geek squad and their drone team up with Cat as they escape the terrorists and flee the mobile military base in search of help.  All of the elements you predict would be here are… gun fights, single-focus killer robot dogs, a showdown with a tank, untraceable anonymous hacks through the local coffee shop… it’s all here.  This is one of those cases where predictability is not bad, when I go to see a movie that is marketed as a mindless sci-fi action movie, that’s what I want (sorry, even a decade later I’m still sore about Hardware).  What the reader expects and wants from the story is solidly delivered.  Industry relative newbie artist Randy Kintz (Legend of the Isis) does a well above-average freshman job of framing the story of Drone.  His style is very angular and straight-lined, but that adds to pulp-like heroics that the plot revolves around.

Issue Grade: B+

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Updated: January 6, 2010 — 1:15 pm

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