Disney’s Hero Squad: Ultraheroes #1- Not Your Father’s Darkwing Duck!

Disney’s Hero Squad: Ultraheroes #1 (Boom Kids! – Secchi / Turconi /  Ogle / Murray  / Cobain)

Bursting from the pages of Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories comes Disney’s Hero Squad in its own ongoing series! Super Goof! The Duck Avenger! Eega Beeva! The Red Bat! Disney’s mightiest in their own book, because you demanded it!

When I saw Boom Kids! (which I am a huge fan of) was doing a few new series based on spin-off from stories happening in  the mainstream Disney monthly books, my mind wandered to my own childhood and flashes of Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Tail Spin and Darkwing Duck all rushed forward.  Yes, I know I have just dated myself for the readers.  These were fun series that let the Disney characters wear the adventuresome hero hats and take out the bad guys is a very kid-friendly way.  And for the most part and for a long time, they worked.  Boom Kids! is trying to get those machinations up and running again.

Ultraheroes #1 has two stories in one issue.  The first is the ongoing story of our group of misfit Disney heroes trying to outsmart and outplay Emil Eagle and his baddie group (The Sinister Seven) in the collection of seven parts of the Ultramachine, which will give the wielder absolute power… or the Disney version of it anyways.   This is a continuation of stories that have taken place in Walt Disney Stories and Comics #699 – 702 and does not conclude in this nor the next issue. The second story is the origin of Super Good (one of the Ultraheroes) which also continues in the next issue.

While I applaud the folks at Boom Kids! to try to fill the “cartoon super hero” hole and be in competition with Marvel’s Super Hero Squad and the Johnny DC lineup, there are somethings about this series that need to be tweaked.  I am guessing the target audience for this book is pre-Kindergarten to early elementary.  This is a pretty convoluted story for an audience that young.  The book jumps around to seven heroes racing seven villains all around the globe for seven different pieces of uber-technology (JLA anyone?).  Second graders on up might be fine, but the younger ones who might just be getting into adventure stories, it’s a bit much.  And really, a five issue plus story arc where none of the issues are stand-alones at $2.99 a piece for little kids?  That is also a tad much for this dad or any other parent who are trying to get comics for their kids.  The plot, while convoluted and complex, is still fun, makes sense and will more than likely make your kids smile.  The art is a tad weak.  For a great company like Boom! who is carrying iconic properties like Mickey, Donald and Goofy, we would expect something a little bit better than coloring book art.   The origin of Super Goof story is in my opinion much better and done is a style honoring the traditional Disney comic book and will be nostalgic for any parent or grandparent reading it.

The bottom line here is that there is a lot of potential, but this first issue does not hit the mark.

Issue Grade: B-

This issue will hit your loacl comic shop next Wednesday!

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Updated: January 31, 2010 — 4:44 pm

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