Die Hard: Year One Finally Pays Off

Die Hard: Year One #4 (Boom! – Chaykin / Thompson)

The conclusion of the first DIE HARD arc! It’s 1976, the Bicentennial in NYC. John McClane’s on a luxury boat…that’s targeted by eco-terrorists! McClane has to take out the villains and save everyone, for the first time in his life! Think his luck will get better in the future?

The truth of the matter is I probably owe an apology to Howard Chaykin.  A few months ago, before reading Year One #1, I didn’t think this could work –  I didn’t think John McClane could make the transition into comics.  And after reading Year One #1, I was sure it wouldn’t work.

Well, after reading the entire arc in individual issues and then together as a run, I can see that the end result is something palatable and enjoyable.

The 4-issue arc in it’s entirety is exactly what you would picture it would be and filled with details any fan would hope would be there: a good rhythm of intense action, sharp-tongued dialogue, a formidable villain, a pressure-cooker ending and the everyman hero John McClane coming out on top.  The story is set in 1976, and the era is so well represented by artist Stephen Thompson that it almost becomes one of the characters.  So, if the flashbacks aren’t too bad and you can get past the bad hair and clothes, DH:Year One is certainly worth the effort.

Issue Grade: A-

Series Grade: B+

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Updated: January 13, 2010 — 9:11 am

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