After Blackest Night comes… Brightest Day!

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Another weekly series from DC…

Alex Segura: OK Dan, I got your call, I’m here. It’s pretty early, even for us. This is a first for THE SOURCE – a live interview with you on the blog. Very exciting. What’s got you so jazzed up?

Dan DiDio: I’ll just get right to the point, Alex – we’re ready to announce everything that’s coming up after BLACKEST NIGHT.

AS: Wow, really? I’m glad I brought my notebook.

DD: And I’m happy to announce that for the DCU, after the BLACKEST NIGHT will come a BRIGHTEST DAY this April. A biweekly, 26-issue series, kicking off with BRIGHTEST DAY #0.

AS: BRIGHTEST DAY – that’s major. Who’s steering the ship creatively, though?

DD: As you can imagine, we’re really excited by the great work the teams behind GREEN LANTERN and GREEN LANTERN CORPS have brought to our fans every month. And, we just don’t want to let go of that just yet. So BRIGHTEST DAY will be written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi.


DD: Correct.

AS: Can you say anything about the artists on the book? I’d imagine, since it’s a biweekly book, you’d need more than one.

DD: Sorry to wake you and not give you all the answers at once, but we have to save a few for later. We have a number of wonderful artists slated to contribute to the book, which we’ll be announcing soon. We can say that Fernando Pasarin will be handling the art on BRIGHTEST DAY #0.

AS: Sounds good. And we’ll have more BRIGHTEST DAY news for you faithful readers in, oh, about two hours. In the meantime, can I go grab a cup of coffee?

DD: Sure.

AS: In meetings I’ve heard BRIGHTEST DAY referred to, offhand, as DCU: REBIRTH. Being the sleuth I am, this leads me to believe it’s more than just a concentrated series, right?

DD: Definitely. BRIGHTEST DAY isn’t just a single book. Like BLACKEST NIGHT, it’s an event that happens across the entire DC Universe, affecting a number of titles.

Following BRIGHTEST DAY #0, we’ll be bannering a number of new and ongoing series with BRIGHTEST DAY, which will let readers know these books are key to the entire BD story.

AS: Keeping my detective hat on, since Geoff is writing BRIGHTEST DAY and we announced he’d be writing a new FLASH ongoing coming right around the same time…

DD: Correct. We’ll be launching the new FLASH ongoing series, by Geoff and Francis Manapul in April with a BRIGHTEST DAY banner, and there will be several more titles utilizing it come May and June.

With this book, Geoff and Francis are really bringing Barry Allen back into the spotlight and cementing him as the premiere Flash in the DCU in his own monthly. It’s no secret that I’ve been waiting a long time to se this. I’ve always been a huge Barry fan, and I can say that Geoff and Francis are reinvigorating him as a character in much the same way Geoff did with Hal Jordan. Should be fun.

AS: You mentioned other titles?

DD: Yup.

AS: One of the titles that a lot of people have been asking about of late is TITANS. I know that we have a new creative team hitting soon. What can you tell us about that?

DD: TITANS is another series that will fall directly under BRIGHTEST DAY, with Eric Wallace and Fabrizio Fiorentino coming on board, starting with the TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE SPECIAL and then the regular series. We loved the work the two of them did on INK, so we’re excited to see them build a new team of Titans, under the leadership of none other than Deathstroke, the Terminator.

Who the members are and how they affect the original Titans is a major part of the DCU’s story for 2010.

AS: Come on, Dan. You woke me up at 6 a.m. for this. Can you drop a few clues as to the roster?

DD: Don’t see why not. Seeing as how the creative team is coming off a great mini-series like INK, it’s not a surprise that the Tattooed Man will be a member of Deathstroke’s Titans team.

AS: One more?

DD: Well, it wouldn’t be much of a Deathstroke team if there wasn’t a femme fatale in the mix, and we’ve definitely got one – with ties to the original Titans, to boot – in Cheshire. We’ll save the full roster for a later date.

AS: OK, I’m more awake now. Lunch does that to me. Are there any other DCU books that will be under the BRIGHTEST DAY banner?

DD: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA will also feature the banner, starting with April’s #44, but the characters that will be joining the team are still very much under wraps. Sorry, I’m usually not this secretive in the afternoon. Hope you understand.

AS: No worries, Dan. But I do have one more question before we wrap things up. Cool?

AS: I know the artists doing the interiors on BRIGHTEST DAY are still under wraps, but can you say anything about the cover artist?

DD: Yes we can. As some of you may have noticed, we announced last week that David Finch had joined the DCU exclusively. We’ll be announcing more details about his projects in the coming months. But first, we’re excited to announce that he’ll be the regular cover artist on all the BRIGHTEST DAY books. I see this as a wonderful way to have David touch on all aspects of the DCU, and it gives fans the chance to see his interpretation of the entire DCU and its characters.

AS: That’s great news. Now, I know I said I only had one questions. But I lied. Earlier you mentioned that we’d be announcing some new titles bearing the BRIGHTEST DAY banner –what’s the deal with those?

DD: Well, since we’ve discussed so much today, I don’t want to reveal everything about the BRIGHTEST DAY books just yet. But readers should tune in for the rest of the week for more news on BRIGHTEST DAY and the DC Universe in 2010

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