Green Lantern #48 – The Gangs All Here

Green Lantern #48 (DC – Johns / Mahnke / Alamy)

BLACKEST NIGHT continues! Agent Orange and his Orange Lanterns face off against the Black Lantern Corps, and Larfleeze finds himself wanting something he never has before: Help. Meanwhile, Saint Walker comes face-to-face with the one being in the universe he has no patience for – Sinestro!

This issue is a crux in the Blackest Night saga!

Not too long ago, the Indigo Lanterns came with the knowledge that a combination of any other light with a Green Lantern’s light could disrupt the connection the black rings have with their hosts.  Essentially killing the Black Lantern.

Since that time, Hal and company have been on a mission to the home worlds of the other corps in an attempt to A) save their power batteries from the wave of death that is the Black Lanterns, B) recruit the other corps in the was against the Black Lantern Corps.  In both, they succeed.

In all parts of literature, I love when mortal enemies before allies. There is just something so entertaining when two forces that are bent on the others destruction are forced to face a common foe. In this case we have a large group filled with divergent philosophies. It’s like if the Allies and the Axis from WWII had to join forced to beat back some common threat.  Unthinkable, yet ground breaking.

Johns and company continue to rock out in one of the best mega-events in years.

Grade: A

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:04 am

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