DC’s Next Superman Event: WAR OF SUPERMEN!

If there is any hero that I have followed the bulk of my life, it has been Superman.  Through all the ups and downs of the past 20-years, I have been faithful reader.  Unfortunately, in this tough economy my current stage in life ( married with young children) my ability to get every comic on the shelf I want is ham-stringed but my other responsibilities.

Fortunately for me, it’s uninteresting crap like this that makes dropping books easy.

After a year of buying and reading Superman books that have no Superman, this May 1st may mark the end of my impressive run on Superman and Action Comics.

Here is the report from Newsarama:

“DC Comics latest bit of news in an apparent week of announcements is a story much teased by DC Universe Executive Editor Dan DiDio the past year – the big “status quo changing” Superman event for 2010. It’s called War of the Supermen and will kick off with this year’s Free Comic Book Day offering from the publisher, which takes place on May 1st. 

James Robinson is writing the issue, with Eddy Barrow on art and a cover by J.G. Jones. 

“Superman has left Earth in the hands of Nightwing, Flamebird, Mon-El and the Guardian,” teases DCU’s official Blog The Source. “The tensions between Earth and New Krypton are slowly rising. The winds of war are stirring.”

War of the Supermen is the culmination of literally years of stories in the Super-books, all building to a destructive conflict which can have no victors,” adds editor Matt Idelson. “This Free Comic Book Day #0 issue is going to show the readers that no cows are sacred, and that they don’t want to miss this event.”

Like Monday’s announcement, DC choose to provide a little more info to another news source, in this case Time’s Techland Blog (http://techland.com/). 

After the kick-off FCBD issue, according to a Q&A with Idelson, War of the Supermen will be a self-contained series designed to be read on its own, but the story will also crossover to individual DC titles and tie-in issues, and while the editor left the door open to the story touch upon other DC Universe titles, it will be largely focused within the Superman family in a “concentrated approach”.

Asked if like the multi-colored Lantern Corps or the Flash family, if readers will be seeing an increased Kryptonian Corps featuring more or new characters with an “S” on their chest, Idelson replied, “Hmm, how do I answer that? You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more characters with an ‘S’ on their chests, but not the characters you might be thinking of.”

This could be the end. What do you guys think?

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Updated: December 8, 2009 — 12:50 pm

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