Awakening is Returning!

The news is official… one of the best indie horror books to come out of the last few years is making it’s way back into your hands and fears.  Issues #1-5 (’07-’08) were some of the best-paced suspenseful stories I have read this side of Lovecraft.  Awakening fell to some of the same major delays that other Archaia books had, there were some shifts in name plates and marching orders and that caused redirecting in the ebb and flow of books coming out… and that issue is magnified when dealing with a smaller independent press.  But Awakening creator and writer Nick Tapalansky (official site) pushed forward and will be releasing his completed story in two volumes as of next Summer.  And I for one am very excited!  Watch for updates here.

As for the fate of other Archaia books?  I will quote a source close to the action “Archaia has tons of new books on board and due out in 2010, including partnerships with Jim Henson Studios, Roddenberry Productions, and more, along with releasing and finishing up titles which were previously solicited prior to the restructuring.”  Sounds like some very promising goodness coming from their offices… let’s just hope release dates are a little bit more solid.

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Updated: December 14, 2009 — 10:08 am

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