Nova #31

Nova #31 (Marvel – Abnett / Lanning / Divito / Hang)

A REALM OF KINGS story! Torn between duty and friendship, the galaxy’s #1 lawman hunts for the most wanted man in the universe: Darkhawk! Determined to bring an assassin to justice, Rich Rider will rocket into the universe’s most dangerous new location: The Fault! Former friends collide in the latest chapter in the comic that Aint It Cool News calls “one of my favorite Marvel books…a hidden gem.”

Some people may feel that Nova is just a cheap knock-off of Green Lantern.  Hal rebuilt the GL Corps, Rich is rebuilding the Nova Corps.  Space police is what it boils down to.  To those who follow this way of thinking, I urge you to check out this issue of Nova.  Story telling is solid as always by the cosmic duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.  Artwork is great as well, Darkhawk looks like he should.  I am a big fan of the new Nova recruits being bumped down into the red suits and some of their power being taken away.  Rich Ryder is trying to build his core the right way.  This book is definitely moving the cosmic story line towards Realm of Kinds where Guardians of the Galaxy have still been dealing with more of the fallout from War of Kings.  Watch for more developments as we lead up to Realm of Kings, because if I know the writing these guys are capable of, this isn’t going to be as simple alternate reality story.

Issue Grade: Solid A

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Updated: December 7, 2010 — 8:38 am

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