Green Lantern Corps #42 – Fallen Hero

Green Lantern Corps #42 ( DC – Tomasi / Gleason / Buchman )

BLACKEST NIGHT intensifies! The Green Lanterns’ epic fight to preserve Oa and the Central Power Battery from being consumed by the Black Lanterns continues. While the Corps faces the most desperate moment in its entire history, a new threat materializes that will shake them to their very souls.

While the other Blackest Night main book is handling what is going on with Earth’s heroes, the real battle is taking place on other worlds.  These stories are being covered in Green Lantern, and mainly in Green Lantern Corps.  It is here that we see a huge part of Nekron’s plan, which is to take out each Corps power battery one at a time.  The love empowered violet corps members have already lost their world, and now Oa is about to be next.  That is until the Green Lantern Corps, led by Guy Gardner, Kilowog, and Kyle Rayner, make a stand at the power battery.

As much as I would like to say things go well…that would only be a half truth.  They succeed in saving the power battery, for now, but sustain heavy losses.  This is a war. A war waaay bigger than the one with Sinestro and his fear mongers.  If the GLC lose this one, the universe is doomed. So it stands to reason that someone is going to make the ultimate sacrifice.  Someone fans have come to know and love over the years.  And the real kicker is, this isn’t going to be the last Green Lantern to fall in this war.

Moving the story forward, Tomasi and company do a great job of not only creating a sense of victory, but also a sense of loss.  It takes a real talent to write a good war story. Tomasi is that talent.

Grade: B+

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Updated: November 20, 2009 — 10:54 am

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