Die Hard turns it up a notch

Die Hard: Year One #3 (Boom! – Chaykin / Thompson)

John McClane didn’t think patrolling New York City’s Bicentennial celebration would be easy…but he didn’t bank on an eco-terrorist plot! Is the naïve young blonde McClane met the key to unraveling it all? Does that make her a target? Find out in this issue!

It would seem in my last review of issue #2, perhaps I spoke too soon with idea that a comic version of McClane’s adventures wouldn’t work.  Issue #3 cranks up the claustrophobic, think on your feet, running for your life type action that fans are expecting from anything within the Die Hard franchise.  As a rookie, John finds himself between crooked cops, a cabal of wealthy who believe they are above the law and saving innocent lives.  While in earlier issues I felt that McClane’s character was sort of being led through the plot, I am finally getting to see the young hero within start to think, act and shine.
While this issue has shown me there is potnential for this movie translation to work (a good analogy might be a flute solo being transposed for a tuba), I still don’t think this ish got it all the way.  Some of the art and layouts are still in the way of having a smooth running action sequence.  But I wait for issue #4 to see if it continues to improve.
Issue Grade: B-
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Updated: November 23, 2009 — 1:19 pm

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