Boom! revives Farscape

Farscape (ongoing) #1 (Boom! – O’ Bannon / DeCandido / Sliney)

HOLY DREN, FARSCAPE IS ONGOING! Yes, Farscape fans have made the mini-series such successes that we made Farscape an ongoing series! Secrets are revealed, alliances are made and hearts are broken in this, the start of a new chapter in the lives of your favorite characters!  Written by the creator of the show Rockne S. O’Bannon!

Holy Sci-Fi Friday Flashback Batman!  The original creator and writer is back with Boom! to work on this ongoing series which picks our characters up after the last mini.  If you are a far, but missed the last couple mini-series, don’t worry – this issue has some definite built in “catch-up” in both dialogue and action.

As far as the story goes, I hate to state the obvious but it all depends on where you stand with the whole science-fiction melodrama whether this is your book or not.  Farscape was never the pinnacle of intellectualism, but it was always enjoyable.  And the same is true with this comic.  O’Bannon pushes the reader forward into the next chapter of Aeryn and John and their son with the same mix of comedy and drama that made the show such a fan favorite.  The art from Sliney is decent, but nothing that accentuates the story.  A new artist might move this book from being alright to a must-read.

Issue Grade: B

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Updated: November 20, 2009 — 1:36 pm

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