We Kill Monsters #4 – the Big Reveal!

We Kill Monsters #4 (of 6) (Red 5 – Harkcom / Leone / Churilla / Pattison / Powell)

The town has been overrun by monsters bent on chaos and mass destruction. Mechanics Jake and Andrew Basher battle an enormous man-rabbit creature and make a startling discovery about its origins. The decision to send away ex-girlfriend Vanessa may have been a terrible mistake.

The adventure-filled, family-friendly machine that is We Kill Monsters moves ahead in a fluid motion. With issue #4, the series has successfully made the transition from a simple action story to pretty strong, science-fiction conspiracy tale.  The writing team of Laura Harkcom and Chris Leone (the folks that gave us the mind-blowing modern classic, The Lost Room) start unveiling the secrets behind the invasion of their small town.

In the last issue, the brothers found out that the monsters are not simply an invasion from somewhere – but rather an attack from someone.  The monsters are manufactured.  Man-made rather than alien.  But even more than that, in this issue they take on a very Donnie Darko-ish bunny monster and Jake recognizes where he has seen it before… possible the front of a cereal box? The big reveal comes on the last page, who is really behind these monsters!

The writing still stays very strong and keeps the fanboy glued to the book.  We Kill Monsters is a prime model of multi-genre story-telling; it’s girdered with comedy-laced thrills, but has enough character and setting details to make the reader care what is going on.   The art by Brian Churilla (who I recently read in Boom!’s The Anchor) keeps the story clean and the book focused and unburdened by random background details.  Churillo is able to give us the action and drama, without there being this sense of dread or too making it too dark.  Every aspect of this book makes WKM a well-done intelligent story that will be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Issue Grade: A

Stay Tuned for The Pullbox’s upcoming interview with the whole WKM creative team!

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Updated: October 19, 2009 — 7:37 am

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