Dead Duck on the Prowl!

Dead Duck OGN (Ape – Fosgitt)

Dead Duck and Zombie Chick deliver the deceased to J.P. Yorick (The Grim Reaper) while dealing with unruly dead folks, grumpy deities and historical snafus. Hey, it’s a living! By Jay P. Fosgitt. Pin-up by Chris Sanders (creator of “Lilo and Stitch”). Foreword by Doug Jones (Abe Sapien from “Hellboy”).

So Death has too much on his plate and needs help, so he calls on the only one he can count on… his janitor duck.  Dead duck then goes on collection runs for his boss with the help of his assistant Zombie Chick, a naughty-mouthed undead chicken-girl in a bikini and heels.  You can kind of guess where this is headed.

Dead Duck is found here

Dead Duck is a collection of shorts that follow the adventures of Duck, Chick and Death as they try to keep the wheel of mortality rolling.  Some parts I did find very funny, other parts just fell flat.  A good gauge as to whether or not you will like Jay Fosgitt’s creation (ten years in the making) would be where do you sit on Mad Magazine. Dead Duck falls right into that same niche… consistently irreverent, intelligent at parts and filled with endless throwaway gags. If this is your idea of fun, and you know who you are, you want to check out Dead Duck, it’s a great deal for 148 pages for $12.95

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