Days Missing #3 of 5

Days Missing #3 of 5 ( Archaia – Edginton / Moder )

“September 19th, 2008. The Large Hadron Super Collider in Cern, Switzerland is about to go operational. Humanity is poised to re-create the very same conditions that resulted in the Big Bang and the birth of the universe. Physicist and Cern team member Kate Prosper notices something in one of the tests, a temporal anomaly with no reasonable scientific explanation. Meanwhile, truck driver Alain Murais would do anything to save his dying son, who is suffering from leukemia. But he’s out of money, insurance and time. Kate and Alain’s paths will end up on a collision course not only with one another, but also the mysterious Steward. Before the Day is over, no one will ever be the same…”

It is with a resounding “meh” that I review this latest from Archaia and Roddenberry Productions.  It’s a book that might be better as a trade, once all 5 issues are out, but this particular one-shot story in the series left me wanting.

The issue starts off with a scientist, Kate Prosper who works on the Hadron particle collider in Europe, on the cusp of a major breakthrough. If given the data she needs, she could unravel the secrets held withing the Big Bang. Calling in help from her estranged husband, they find that there are points in history where space and time converge.  If they can understand why this happens, humans could unlock the ability to fold space-time and, conceivably, create ships that would allow is to traverse the galaxy.

Then we jump to the story of Alain Maurais. A man who has already lost his wife to cancer, and is about to lose his little boy to the same black killer.  Alain’s problem is that he’s a just a truck driver who can’t afford an experimental treatment that has a chance of saving his son.

This is where my problems play in. One is that I was never moved to feel anything for either of the main characters. Kate is on verge of the greatest discovery in mankind, and Alain is about to experience an event that should never be felt by a parent, but too often is.  And I just didn’t care because the writing never lead me there.  It’s like I was just an observer with no investment in anything that I was seeing.

The story moves to having these two characters meet. “But how would these two cross paths?” you ask. Alain, so upset that he cannot afford to save his son, sneaks his way into a top level security complex to take a sledge hammer to a billion dollar piece of equipment. It just so happens that Kate happen to be there to try and stop him. She fails, and The Steward, guy from the cover, shows up to fold time and save the day.  He gives Kate a lame explanation of why he does what he does, Kate asks that The Steward save Alain’s son, cut to Alain’s son doing better and it’s end of issue.

Um…what just happened?

That pretty much explains my experience with the whole issue. The art was pretty to look at, but the writing just fell flat.

Grade: C-, Maybe the trade will be better.

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Updated: October 28, 2009 — 12:39 pm

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