We Kill Monsters #3

We Kill Monsters #3 of 6 (Red 5 – Leone / Harkcom / Churilla / Pattison / Powell)

Mechanics Jake and Andrew Basher team with a sexy ex-girlfriend to kill a terrifying giant insect monster with a homemade weapon rigged from spare car parts. While Andrew discovers a clue about the monsters’ origins, Jake’s latest fix of monster juice gives him a shocking new side effect!

Sometimes a book comes along that is an absolute no-brainer must-read, and We Kill Monsters belongs to that group.  Two brothers who are constantly fighting but love each other, a reluctant heroine with a kick @ss attitude, big ugly bad guy creatures, a monster arm…

We Kill Monsters has all the classic adventure elements (including great writers and an art team who captures the pulp environment) and makes a perfect sci-fi family friendly alternative to Fringe, the X-Files and Supernatural.  This will definitely be a trade I get!

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: September 28, 2009 — 2:25 pm

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