The Trouble With Katie Rogers – Sexy Brit In The City

The Trouble With Katie Rogers (Ape – Des Taylor and Friends )

“Katie Rogers is a beautiful, independent, British born publicist working in New York with some of the city’s biggest celebrities; A-list parties, award ceremonies, exclusive nightclubs and penthouse dinners are the sort of places her job requires her to be.
But Katie’s personal life isn’t so glamorous. She is a workaholic that is on the brink of losing her boyfriend due to her work load. And her nemesis at work – the evil Crystal Rose – is out to make Katie’s life a misery every time she goes into the office.
The Trouble With Katie Rogers book has the high speed antics of a romcom, all the fun and action of a traditional Graphic Novel, with short stories & anecdotes that reveal Katie’s outlook of her love of New York, clothes, and the perils of being a woman of the 21st century”

When ever you need a break from the regular comic fair, or have that special lady in your life who just doesn’t like the genres that dominate most comics and graphic novel, pick up a copy of Katie Rogers and a bottle of wine.

I think by my previous reviews you can see that I’m not one to dive into romcoms too often.  Let it also be known that I despise Sex in the City and The Devil Wears Prada.  So why did I enjoy the antics of Katie Rogers so much?  Very simple, great story and stunning art.

Des Taylor, short for Desmond, draws from his experience working in the world of high fashion design, women’s magazine companies, and the mass media to piece together a pretty compelling story for anyone who  follows pop culture with any regularity.  Katie has the newest hottest star as a client in her burgeoning career as a publicist.  The only problem is that he had a little too much fun when he was just an rising star and Katie’s nemesis has gotten a copy of the tape to prove it.  This is where I got sucked in.  This story about a NYC fashionista blooms into a tongue and cheek tale of mission impossible.  Calling on her contacts around the city, Katie puts herself out on a ledge for her client.

The art I found to be absolutely captivating.  Stylish and beautiful, Des Taylor draws humans the way we wish we all could look. Well, if we all lived in a semi-animated world anyway.  With a unique mixed of photography and traditional comic art, Katie Rogers is a sight to behold.  Vibrant colors and svelte figures makes you just want to linger on every image.  The only real downside to the art is that it is a very unrealistic take on the human body.  Of course, that’s nothing new in the world of comic art or high fashion.

Bottom line is that I was ecstatic that I took a step out of my box and gave The Trouble With Katie Rodgers a chance. Des Taylor’s ability to tell a story that is stunning and original was something to behold.  In addition, if Des Taylor has a book of his art available, some one tell me where to find it.

Grade: A

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Updated: September 4, 2009 — 8:07 am

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