The Triumphant return of the Black Coat!

Several years ago, in my quest to find great stories in the indie rack, I ran across The Black Coat – a B&W book about a pulp hero set during the revolutionary war.  At first I tossed around the concept, wondering if  the idea of the Green Hornet kicking the tails of the British troops would work.  Would there be enough meat in the story to make it worth part of my budget.  After reading it, I was convinced that the story put together by authors Ben Lichius & Adam Cogan could make it work and it was well worth a portion of my comic budget.  I got the first two issues was really pumped about the book, and then into the shadows of independent publishing the Black Coat disappeared leaving his fanbase saddened.

Until now!

Ape Entertainment has recently released several Black Coat books including a colorized version of “A Call to Arms”, the original 4-part series, a few one shots (one including a story with Athena Voltaire – double pulp-action prizes on that one!) and a new series “…or Give me Death!”.

This is a well-thought out story, rich in details and background.  The characters are strong and believable (in that pulp sort of way), the story walks strong and leaves you wanting more.  To be honest, after reading The Black Coat, it makes want to dig out some of those radio programs I have on tape… this book taps the same sort of high-action serial vein.

The detail that goes into art work is incredible.  And to be honest in some cases, too much detail… clogged and crowded frames don’t necessarily make for a flowing action melodrama, but it isn’t too much and that flatside is easily overlooked because of the quality that went into the art work.

The Black coat is definitely worth you checking out!

Here is a link to The Official Black Coat homepage

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Updated: September 21, 2009 — 2:22 pm

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