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Pulp Girls (Jason Martin and company)

“To give you a better idea though, before getting your hands on the book, Pulp Girls is a collection of concepts – inspired from grindhouse cinema, pulp heroes, and similar genre roots – in small cliffhanger style format, all with a female-centric twist.
In your face, fun, dangerous, colorful, short, and sweet.


Ever since the release of the Grindhouse double-feature, there’s been a shift in the pop-art/comic world, and a move to the more subversive genre fare that inspired that film. And while it didn’t set any box office records, it’s impact can be seen everywhere in comics, from the pulpy books on the rise, to the retro color effects and cover designs seen industry wide. Pulp Girls is a celebration of that spirit, taking it to another level. The artists, concepts, characters, and themes all share a similar drive, that provides for both unique stories and art, that also complement each other perfectly!
Rock’n’roll midnight movie serials.

The project features many talented creators, from across the globe…
England, Ireland, Germany, Norway, France, Mexico, and of course, the good ol’ U S of A!
Just to name a few.
Creators like:
The Boo (Transformers Animated), Jerry Gaylord (ID Comics), Grant Gould (Star Wars the Clone Wars online), Josh Howard (Dead@17), Jason Martin (Super Real), Dan Mendoza(Zombie Tramp), Hector Sevilla (Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular), Nate Stockman, Bob Strang, Justin Wayne, and many more!”

Here is another great pick up from artist alley.  As creator Jason Martin states, this book is like watching  grindhouse marathon.  There are girls, guns, explosions, fist-a-cuffs, and more than a touch of sexiness.  to be more specific, these are not full stories.  These are story starters, just enough to whet your appetite. And I found myself drooling over most of the pages!

If I went into detail over every section, this would be the longest review this site has ever seen. Just know that there is not a stinker in the book. Which is not something we see very often in many anthologies.  Picking favorites would be too hard, but you should pay attention to Josh Howard’s Stitches and Dust Bunny by Jason Martin.

Along with the awesomely fun stories are the amazing pin-ups included.  If these creators got together and put out book with just pin-ups, I’d buy that too.

This is just another example of the awesome things that can be found in the realm of independent comics.

Grade: A

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Updated: September 15, 2009 — 1:34 pm

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