Indego Blue #1

Indego Blue #1 (Saint James Press – Russell / Young / Russell)

In an effort to create the perfect soldier in a bleak future landscape, a totalitarian government experiments with gene-splicing and creates the ultimate weapon: Indego Blue. After years of faithful service and unable to remember anything of his past, Indego shuns the murderous ways of those who created him. His new mission: to help other transplants like himself, victims of botched splicing which the government has chosen to round up and destroy.

Indego Blue is a pretty interesting action /sci-fi story that is targeted for the tween boy, but could be a read for all the geeks in your clan.  While the target is the younger reader, there is no reason grown adults wouldn’t enjoy this melodramatic action tale (I mean come on – we are all comic readers here) and it certainly is family-friendly and safe enough for the younger than 11 crowd also.  I would put Indego in the same box as a really cool Saturday morning cartoon, you know the ones they used to show later in the morning, that have more to do with selling action figures rather than lunch boxes… sort of a younger brother to TMNT or the Brave and the Bold.

This book is perfect for the young reader in your house; the story was solid (if maybe not a tad predictable) the characters were archetypal and recognizable, the action kept the book flowing well and was adventuresome without being too scary.  The B&W art was a tad cartoony, but I think that was by design to help capture the feeling of the series overall.

This was the first book I have read from the indepedent Saint James press out of Florida.  Never heard of them, well neither had I until as of late, this is directly off of their site, “Saint James is a comic book company created by two friends with a ferocious passion for telling good stories. We aim to produce high-end,quality titles that inspire and illuminate.” 

Indego Blue shows a lot of promise and there is enough talent present that it would make me seek out some of the other books from Saint James.

Issue Grade: B+

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Updated: September 23, 2009 — 1:15 pm


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  1. Please don’t ever compare this to TMNT! The artwork is extremely lacking in detail, shadowing, etc. I thought it was a coloring book and that I was supposed to fill in the detail myself. Sad excuse for a comic book. DO OVER! I seriously hope this is a rough draft. No more silly reviews please.

  2. In my comparison to the TMNT, I was more speaking to the story and not the art

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