28 Days Later #2 – A Smart Zombie Book!

28 Days Later #2 (Boom! – Nelson / Shavely)

The film that changed horror forever continues here! Selena and her new comrades struggle against the infected, the American presence in the UK…and themselves. Selena is a survivor but even she must give pause when the mission has her breaking into the land she fought so hard to get out of.

Okay, the short of it is… this is a great zombie book!  It’s a rare breed, a zombie book that everyone (14 and up) will enjoy and yes – even those who normally do not get into the zombie / horror genre.  Because, not unlike the movie, this is a zombie story that is about people, relationships and survival… not necessarily zombies and gore.

A small group of journalist try to fight their way back in to the heartland of England to let the world know what is going on with the infection.  Even with the help of a reluctant survivalist they are in way over their heads and the situation is beyond anything they can imagine.

Michael Alan Nelson, veteran Cthulhu writer and most recently of the apocalyptic action-driven car wars-esque Dead Run, writes with an emotional edge here that I haven’t seen in his other works and draws the reader into the plight of the individuals and the world in general as they deal with this horrific plague.  I feel myself cheering the team on as I read and more importantly I feel my own pulse race as they run for their lives trying to stay safe.  The strength of this film continuation is not just in the plot… the art perfectly fits the high paced, emotional feel of the book.  Irish artist Declan Shalvey has a strong freshman showing in this series, can’t wait to see what else he can do with it!

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: September 15, 2009 — 2:23 pm

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