The New Avengers #55 – Taking a Beat Down!

The New Avengers #55 ( Marvel – Bendis / Immonen / von Gawbadger )

“Ultimate Spider-Man artist Stuart Immonen rejoins series regular Brian Bendis for this all-new blockbuster Avengers story. One of the Hood’s gang has found a way to power drain the New Avengers and it turns the tides of the Dark Reign in ways no one would have expected it. Plus the new Sorcerer Supreme has a lot to learn, and they’re going to learn it from…Spider-Man?”

Coming off the story arc that crowed a new sorcerer supreme, the Avengers head back home and try to get back to a normal life.  At least normal for a group of superheroes.  Spider-Man is having sever angst with telling his identity to his teammates.  Ronin has such a mad-on for Norman Osborne, he full out says that he wants to kill him.  Yep, outright kill him.  Needless to say, other members of the Avengers have issues with this. The most vocal being Spider-Man, the every man’s hero.

Meanwhile on the other side of the fence, the bad guys are getting a pretty good plan together to take down the Avengers.  A machine that takes their powers away!  It’s not that this hasn’t been done before, but the effects that it has on each individual hero was interesting.

Creator wise, this could have been better.  This issue’s pacing is disjointed to the point that it did take me out of the story.  I do have to say that I didn’t very much like Stuart Immonen’s pencils or Wade von Grawbadger / McCaig’s inks.  To put it plainly, the super beings didn’t seem very…super.  The Avengers are supposed to be the best of the best in the Marvel U.  Why did they look like people I see dressed up at Comic Con?  Then there was the huge lack of detail. Faces were either very plain and flat or they were so hidden in shadow that they might as well not had a face.

Overall,  if Marvel wants to keep me paying the new $3.99 price tag they are going to have to do better than this.

Grade: C

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Updated: December 7, 2010 — 8:37 am

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