Proof #21

Proof #21 (Image – Grecian / Rossmo / Casey / Dash / Tindall)

On the eve of Julia’s wedding to another man, Proof has to choose between stopping the wedding and stopping Springheel Jack’s murderous rampage across London.

I know I haven’t reviewed the last couple issues, but I hope Proof‘s absence from ThePullbox hasn’t implied that I’m still not down with it.  This is one of the first books I read every month.

In this arc “Julia”, which is a flashback to 1838 England, Alex Grecian continues to show why is the writer that all of the publishers will want in the future (not saying Alex would leave Image… just saying he beats the crap out of a lot of the “big names” from the big two).  This is a fantastic mix of drama and action… interpersonal relationships between Gulliver and Gilgamesh, their attitudes towards humans, Gulliver’s love for Julia, the hunting down and unveiling of Spring-Heeled Jack… This has it all and it’s interwoven beautifully.  Think of the best Sci-fi TV show you know… yea, it’s like that!

Add in Riley Rossmo’s unique art and layouts, which are both original and genius and Dave Casey’s haunting use of shading and shadow, and you get a book that is really amazing!

Not to gush, but to simplify it, this story-arc is the movie TIm Burton always wanted to make.

As always with this book, there are extras added in.  I have never got an issue of Proof (and this is coming up on 2 years) where I went “really, is that it?”.  This creative team has the reader in mind when they put together an issue and they constantly deliver!  We get a full blown essay on Spring-Heeled Jack – lots of fun and insight!.  BTW, I cannot wait for the 60’s story where Jack reemerges (if it’s coming…) and another four pages of Archie Snow (one-shot?!? anyone?)

For all the good stuff coming out of Image, Proof is at the top of the list… get it on your list!

grade: hardcore A

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