Doctor Who #1 (Ongoing)

Doctor Who #1 (IDW – Lee / Davison / Kindzierski / Robbins)

At long last Doctor Who is an ongoing monthly series! Tony Lee (Doctor Who: The Forgotten), kicks off the time/space-faring series with the two-part “Silver Scream.” In chapter one, the Doctor travels to 1920s Hollywood where he befriends Charlie Chaplin and, of course, discovers an alien plot! Lee is joined by Al Davison (The Dreaming) on this first story arc.

Tony Lee grabs the controls and brings the Doctor to life in this new ongoing series.  Any Galifreyian fan will be pumped to read this series from IDW, the first monthly Doctor Who comic in twenty two years!

Tony Lee, Doctor Who writing alumni, sets up a pretty good first issue.  By being balanced between a fresh story and having characteristics familiar to fans, he shows the reader that IDW picked wisely by letting him have first dibs on the comic book adventures of the tenth Doctor!  With the double whammy of being written by a trusted narrator and having the story takes place in a “post-Donna” era, this series is setting itself up as part of the official Canon.

An assistant-less Doctor travels to Hollywood in the 1920’s to visit a silent movie set as a tribute to Donna’s last wish (ooooooooooooh, foreshadowing!).  And as usual, the Doctor simply cannot go somewhere without uncovering an evil alien plot.  While it sounds predictable, this is so much fun!  The story is a blast and is only equalled by the excellent art of independent creator Al Davison.

And one of the best things about this book (and most Doctor Who stories), they are filled with adventure, and yet still very family-friendly!

Issue grade: easy A

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Updated: July 20, 2009 — 8:41 pm

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