Destroyer #3, A Tragedy on More Levels Than One

Destroyer #3 ( Marvel – Kirkman / Walker )

Well, I was thinking what’s not to like, obscure, aging, over the hill super-hero operative guy with a family life goes on one last great spree.  Written by Robert Kirkman with awesome Mignola-like artwork from Cory Walker and very Jason Pearson-like covers from Jason Pearson.

I’ll say this about it, it is a solid, interesting concept, with solid interesting characters, with solid interesting personalities.  And you have to like little gems like this one.

Here’s the problem, and Invincible is going the same way, I don’t know if Mr. Kirkman woke up on recent mornings feeling particularly grumpy or if his dog has run away, or the trash truck makes too much noise in the alley in the early mornings, but both these books have gotten a bit graphic lately, trickling over into unnecessarily gruesome.

It’s sort of been creeping up slowly in Invincible for awhile, and maybe I’m just more sensitive to it after the ‘Govenor’ storyline in Walking Dead, and I don’t mind more sophisticated, intense situations in comics, but I don’t see the point whole issues devoted to graphically watching someone get beat to a pulp, black eyes, broken teeth and blood drenched.

It doesn’t make it more egaging, real or intense for me.  BAM, I’m instantly taken out of the story.  And despite it’s potential probably won’t bother finishing this story line up.

Story A
Art A-
Good Taste D

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Updated: December 7, 2010 — 8:37 am

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