Tales From Wonderland: Cheshire Cat one-shot

Tales From Wonderland: Cheshire Cat (Zenescope – Tedesco / Basaldua)

Decades ago a regular house cat was sent into the unnatural realm called Wonderland. Not long after did that feline grow to become another entity altogether as it formed a consciousness and self-awareness that only Wonderland could provide and found a power that turned an innocent kitten into a killing machine. Now the feline they call the Cheshire Cat is trapped back in this world and is beginning to develop something that never seemed possible: a conscience. After being taken in by a caring sorority girl, the once evil being is finally getting a taste of what being loved and cared for truly feels like. Can this cat change his stripes or will the evil inside of him ultimately be unleashed?

You know what is fantastic about this book / series?


The creative teams at Zenescope really have down the magical blend that makes the perfect modern horror… supernatural evil, good suspenseful story, characters we immediately like, corruption of the innocent, gorgeous art that can capture both being sexy and horrifying… and with every issue they get better!

And what is more than brilliant about this is that as a Wonderland fan, I pick it up read, and enter joyful Zenescopian bliss.  But someone who has never read any of the Wonderland books, would pick this up and probably get sucked into the series.  Genius work!

Cheshire Cat is another one-shot in the Tales from Wonderland series which is covering some of the side-characters and smaller stories leading into Escape from Wonderland, the final series in the Wonderland trilogy.  This one in particular deals with the psychopathic feline’s return.  When he was last seen, he was fatally wounded at the end of Beyond Wonderland, this one-shot explains his return to power and I am assuming we will back in play during the third series.

Issue Grade: Solid A

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Updated: June 12, 2009 — 10:10 am

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