Salem’s Daughter #1

Salem’s Daughter #1 (Zenescope – Brusha / Tedesco / Ciao / Benitez)

In 1892 Massachusetts a gorgeous young woman named Anna Williams is about to fully realize the immense powers she has repressed for so many years. The very powers that her mother had made her bury her whole life for fear of sparking another witch hunt two hundred years after the Salem trials. But now as Anna comes of age, and her gift no longer able to be hidden, an immensely evil and mysterious being named Darius is on his way to recruit her. Meanwhile Braden Cole, a hardened gunslinger with a sordid past, is on the tail of the elusive Darius as he looks to avenge the death of his family. Now Anna will be given the choice she’s been waiting her entire life to make and Cole will finally be given his chance at revenge.

From the minds that have so successfully reinvented the fairy tales and fables you love, comes a stylistic and stunning new version of 19th century America like you have never seen before.

Salem’s Daughter #1 is a strong follow-up to Zenescope’s premiere issue.  This series is a slick mix of a western adventure and a supernatural occult tale.   So far, the story revolves around a lone gunslinger whose family has been killed by a literal devil and he is willing to risk life and limb for revenge.  Throw into the mix a gritty sheriff, naive townspeople, and a young blonde hottie who has mystical powers that are just beginning to reveal themselves… okay she seems like she might be straight from a “Heroes” script but that’s okay because this comic is so much fun that the reader looks past possible stereotyped character sketches.

The writing is compelling and keeps the reader hooked, the art is both realistic and eye-popping.  Together they mix for a very typical Zenescope book, meaning a great book that I look forward  to the next issue.

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: June 5, 2009 — 9:32 am

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