Justice Society of America #28

Justice Society of America #28 (DC – Ordway / Wiacek)

A Japanese spirit has appeared to exact revenge on the living symbols of America’s atomic warfare while the rest of the JSA reaches out to another founding member for assistance: The Spectre! Continuing the haunting new arc

You know, this two-issue arc wasn’t bad, it wasn’t awesome either.  A WWII Japanese villain with magical powers that wants the original JSA-ers to feel the pain of Hiroshima and the heartbreak of the dying innocences and the unfairness of war?  Really? This would be great if it were a Steven Speilberg story with a cameo by Tom Hanks… but it wasn’t.  It is a superhero comic book dealing with an ensamble cast of about fifteen members… so it just came across heavy-handed.

Nothing wrong or sub-par here… Jerry Ordway is a good wirter and Bob Wiacek has talent.  It just came across as: meh.

issue grade: C

looking forward to the next arc “Bad Seed” written by Sturges/ wIllingham and drawn by the incredible Jesus Merino!

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:04 am

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