Green Lantern #42 – The Story Moves Forward

Green Lantern #42 ( DC – Johns / Tan / Barrows / Glapion / Jose )

“The conclusion to “Agent Orange”! Hal battles the leader of the Orange Lanterns in a bizarre confrontation between will and avarice! But what is the true secret behind the power of the Orange Light? And what value does it hold for the other Corps?”

A bizarre confrontation indeed!  Fighting with Larfleeze is like fighting with an greedy ADD fifth grader.  Hal is able to hold his own, and mostly seems annoyed with the whole situation.  After he finds that his arm was not actually severed, it was just an illusion, he gets some funny dialog and takes the fight to the orange.

Hal does get to use the blue ring to its potential, and is then abandoned by it at the end of the fight.  What is even more interesting is the deal that is struck between Larfleeze and the Guardians.  Just as interesting as them making the deal for the Paralax box, and keeping with the ever growing ruthlessness of the Guardians.

Meanwhile on the other side of the galaxy, Lanters Ash and Sarrek find the tomb of the Anti-Monitor, aka the Black Lantern, and we get our first glimpse at the appendages of the Black Lanterns.  Considering what they were calling out for, it’s entirely possible that the DCU is going to be invaded by intelligent meta-human zombies.  Not good!

I feel that Johns picked up the pace a bit for this issue, and also did a nice job of injecting bits of humor into the story, both with Hal and Green Lantern John Stewart.  He brought in some great moments where John is coming just short of saying “WTF”, and Hal’s Muppet reference was priceless.  All of this is wrapped in with a different art team that was able to keep up with the high standard fans have come to demand from their GL books.

Grade: A

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Updated: June 26, 2009 — 10:39 am

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