Green Lantern #42 – Redux Nasty Little Oans

Green Lantern #42 ( DC – Johns / Tan / Barrows / Glapion / Jose )

We all love this book as well we should, but in a string of great issues in an awesome storyline, this issue sticks out!

The best part is how Hal finally gets his blue ring to work!  And then those nasty little Oans… you need to get this issue and honor it properly just for those things.   Unexpected gems (not sapphires) are the engine that makes this series work.

It had some flaws, the plot was a bit muddled and disjointed. The art by Jonathan Glapion was pretty weak, the coloring was inconsitent, moving from painterly (covering the ink lines) to high quality stay in the lines good ol’ fashion comic book coloring.  I understand the need for a colorist to push themselves, the limits of the medium and to explore the form, or if it has some sort of meaning to the story (whoa, I’ve found myself in a higher reality), but if you can’t maintain it for the whole book,  don’t do it.  Maybe a finished product meant for publication is not the place to experiment.

That is a fairly big paragraph for minor flaws.

Story A

Art B-

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Updated: June 30, 2009 — 8:43 am

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