Fantastic Four #567

Fantastic Four #567 (Marvel – Millar / Hitch)

THE MASTERS OF DOOM Part Two The Marquis of Death has returned to Earth after a genocidal sojourn of two decades! And his first target is his once-pupil, Victor Von Doom!

At first I thought (as most did when reading this), is Millar doing some dark future story here too?  Wait, let me guess, they won’t actually finish it here but the readers will have to buy Giant-Sized Old Man Reed Richards #1 at $5.99 to get the ending.  But I digress.

With a little rope-a-dope, Mark Millar shows the readers and myself why he is the mayor of Storyville.  This issue blows you away, period!  The Masters of Doom will be a marvelous swan song for the Millar / Hitch run on Fantastic Four!

issue grade: A

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Updated: December 7, 2010 — 8:37 am

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